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Office address

Büro Dr. Rohlfing
Beratung - Planung - Gutachten
Seepromenade 22
14612 Falkensee/Berlin - Germany

Telephone: 0049 - 33 22 - 42 17 26
Fax: 0049 - 33 22 - 42 17 28

Office proprietor

Dr.-Ing. Inés Maria Rohlfing
Landscape architect AK Brg., registered member of the Architect chamber of Brandenburg

Professional rules

Freelance landscape architects are required to be registered in the list of architects of their respective counties (Bundesland) in which they operate. This registration requires that all architects follow strict professional principles and regulations, which are fundamental for the client, such as: - the use of professional building techniques and state of the art technologies, acting professionally on behalf of the client, comprehensive liability, etc. For further information: Chamber of German architects

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