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Expert opinions are needed in many areas; - to get an approval, to avoid disputes or to resolve discrepancies. We can provide you an expert consultation or report in such areas as: providing the creation and maintenance of green spaces, and also technical works like construction of paths, walls, water pools, ponds, green facades and green roofs.

We can also provide you with an expert opinion on swimming pools and natural swimming ponds. In this area we are regarded as leading specialists within Europe.


We provide valuations for legal bodies as well as private valuations. Former clients have been:

  • courts,
  • ministries, councils, public offices,
  • companies and
  • private individuals.


Our extensive measurement equipment enables us to conduct most analysis directly on location. Some questions might need further analysis in the laboratory. We undertake many tests and chemical analysis in our own lab. This way we can examine for example water treatment procedures for natural swimming ponds. We work closely together with other specialists from both universities and institutes should further extensive analysis be necessary. If you need an expert opinion please contact Mrs Dr. Rohlfing directly. The address is under contact.