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where garden and architecture meet. With this principle in mind we are working in the following fields

We are also working as expert consultants for

  • horticulture, landscape gardening, building of sporting facilities and
  • natural swimming pond facilities.

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Our office is situated in Brandenburg, right on the outskirts of Berlin. From here we conduct business all over Germany and Europe. We work closely together with landscape architects, architects and chemists. Our clients include

  • Government ministries and county councils,
  • Building control, sports departments,
  • Regional and County Health Associations,
  • Clubs and private individuals.

Involvement in the creation of regulations

We are also engaged in committees for the setting of rules and regulations such as

  • Regelwerksausschuss "Öffentliche Schwimmteichanlagen" der FLL (Forschungsgesellchaft für Landschaftsbau, Landschaftsentwicklung),
  • Regelwerksausschuss "Private Schwimmteichanlagen" der FLL (Forschungsgesellchaft für Landschaftsbau, Landschaftsentwicklung),
  • Regelwerksausschuss "Kinderspielplätze" der FLL (Forschungsgesellchaft für Landschaftsbau, Landschaftsentwicklung),
  • Regelwerksausschuss "Bespielbare Stadt" der FLL (Forschungsgesellchaft für Landschaftsbau, Landschaftsentwicklung),
  • Regelwerksausschuss "Öffentliche Schwimmteichanlagen" des BÖB (Bundesfachverband öffentliche Bäder).

Training courses

We like to share our knowledge in seminars. We offer seminars in the planning of natural swimming ponds and play areas. These seminars take place at

  • the architect chambers in the counties of Bayern, Berlin, Baden-Würrtemberg, Hessen, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Sachsen,
  • the asssociation VGL Sachsen-Anhalt, Deula Weihenstephan,
  • the associations Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen, Bundesfachverband öffentliche Bäder, Bund deutscher Schwimmmeister.

For an up-to-date schedule of seminars you can ask the organiser or you can inquire at our office. You will find our address in contact!

Lectures and Publishings

With lectures in Germany and abroad and also in professional journals we give you the newest results of our research and projects and an up date listing of the present set of regulations. If required we can provide you with an extensive list of all lectures and publishing’s available.

Comprehensive information about natural swimming pond facilities is found in the specialist book "Schwimm- und Badeteichanlagen, Planungs- und Baugrundsätze", published by Prof. Dr. Mahabadi and Dr. Inés Maria Rohlfing. The second edition is published by the Ulmer-Verlag. You can find the table of contents, read samples and a purchase order form here!

Membership of Professional Associations

  • Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsbau
    Landschaftsentwicklung - FLL, Bonn (
  • Bundesfachverband Öffentliche Bäder, Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen, Essen (
  • Internationale Akademie für Bäder-, Sport- und Freizeitbauten, Hamm (
  • Gartenberater-Netzwerk (

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We enjoy working on challenging projects with high requirements. To work successfully, extensive knowledge and an office standard are necessary. Our office standard is based on:

  • Adhering to the agreed costing,
  • Completion within the agreed time schedule,
  • Continuously controlling and improving the quality of our work.

If you need further information we can forward you our company brochure and an extensive reference list. You can find our address in contact.